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Bleeding A Lot First Period After Giving Birth I Am Getting My First Period Since Giving Birth, It's Super Heavy- Is This Normal?

I am getting my first period since giving birth, it's super heavy- is this normal? - bleeding a lot first period after giving birth

Actually I am a little scared. I have 5 children, I've seen this, except this time I was bleeding. I gave birth to 24th June Gemini, and demanded a blood transfusion. Not (Im sure if this means anything), I started my period last night. Due to the extremely heavy. I use a stamp and a stamp great and I am always available soaking times. I went to 4 tampons and pads in the past 6 hours. I had to change his pants twice. It is very hard. I never had this heavy'm actually a little worried. Is this normal? I am afraid to sleep and bleed a lot. A part of me thinks that we should raise the alarm, and change every hour. Any tips? Is there a way to facilitate the movementa little?


Blessed Rain said...

You need to call your doctor if, as I did with my son to the emergency room and told me he would do nothing until I cross-platform than an hour.
I had packed a transfusion (2 cases and platelets)
and explained that the heavy bleeding and large clots blog was planned.
to the flow of red meat and eat lots are iron rich foods such as broccoli, which help you low.
Good luck with the twins!

zgzig -BYB's=pups 4 bucks said...

Let this ... go check out .. and now going tonight if you can. She had twins .. But there are a lot of bleeding, ... Check it out please. Fixing to help slow the flow, but once you get up again, who knows how much they can bleed ..

Deanna W said...

Bleed more with the twins in a single party (the birth of a single or multiple), but you neglect have not given your bleeding. Go to the emergency room and call your doctor immediately. Only a health professional (your local ER or the hospital where her obstetrician-gynecologist has privileges) should assess the risk of an abnormal increase of bleeding, and perform a hematocrit, hemoglobin, CBC and for you to see how these fact and treat you accordingly. If, even if they try to get medical help and to explain anything to be true or slows bleeding was then find a second or third opinion. My 1st IF you leave me for 6 consecutive months after delivering my twins to bleed 5 months and they really do not answer to my medical needs. He was also devastated by the loss ofthinking clearly at the time, I wish I had had seen another doctor before. I have a beautiful child, now it has eased some of the losses. Take care and congratulations on your twins and all their children.

beankitt... said...


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Paramedic Girl said...

You're soaking your pads and tampons too fast. You need an emergency room. Let your children with a friend (someone to come) and her husband go into

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